Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Talented Tuesday - Music In The Carr Family

Winnie Haley Carr
I think these photographs tell the story of how important music was in the Carr (and Haley) family. When the extended family gathered there was always music and dancing.

 Above is Winnie Carr, my great grandmother.  Not only did she play the guitar, she also played the banjo.  Her banjo is still in the family today.  Below is her oldest son Lawrence.

Lawrence Baker Carr
Lawrence also played the guitar and sang.   He and his younger brother Ernest even performed on the local radio station.  I believe this was in Danville, VA.  [Cousins -Let me know if I have the wrong location.]  Ernest had a good singing voice and sang in worship services while serving in the navy during WWII.

Carr and Haley Cousins - Do you have photographs of other family members with musical instruments? I'd love to share them here.


  1. That is a beautiful photograph of Winnie. We are so used to having the radio, internet, and TV at the ready to entertain us. Before there were any of those things people (for the most part) had to make their own music. Lovely that your great-grandmother had that ability.

  2. How interesting to have photos with instruments and to have a banjo that belonged to your great-grandmother is just amazing. I wouldn't be surprised if Danville is correct because that's one of the towns along the Crooked Road, a string of towns known for blue grass music and musical families.

  3. Thanks, Wendy! I was not familiar with the Crooked Road. I'll have to ask the family about it.


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