Monday, October 3, 2011

October Is Family History Month

It is hard to believe that September has come to a close and October is here.  I know that fall officially started at the end of September, but it never feels like fall to me until October.  (Maybe that's because I am still wearing shorts in September!)

October also begins Family History month.  In looking at family history month resources on the internet, I came across the Family History site for the State Library of NC.

Their site has an incredible number of resources available.  If your ancestors have North Carolina roots, be sure to visit their site.  Links to many of NC's resources including historical maps and newspapers of the state.  Links to family Bibles as well as funeral home records/obituaries are there, too.

Lots of fun facts are included as well. For example,  did you know that Elvis Presley's ancestors came to NC in the 1740's?

As you celebrate Family History Month, don't forget to interview the relatives that you do know!  Oral histories provide a such a rich background to our research.

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