Wednesday, October 12, 2011

SLIG is Having A Blog Contest

The Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (that’s SLIG for short) will be holding their annual genealogical institute on January 23-27, 2012.  Five day courses are offered in tracks and taught by some of the best educators in the field of genealogy.  (Oh, I wish I were planning to go!) It is definitely on my list of genealogical institutes to attend “sometime”.  Samford’s IGHR is another institute I hope to attend.
While I have no current plans to go, I put together my top three choices for course tracks for if I did go. I would put Course 8: Beyond the Library: Using Original Source Repositories being taught by John Colletta.  Over the past few months I have researched in rural county courthouses and discovered this has become one of my favorite ways to research. I would like to learn more about using other original source repositories.  (I have also never taken a class by John Colletta that wasn’t great!)

Course 10: Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum taught by Angela McGhie would be a wonderful course to take.  As a genealogist, one can never get enough “hands on” analysis practice.  Being able to talk it through with other genealogists can prove to be very helpful.

A few years ago I attended the NCGS (North Carolina Genealogical Society) Fall workshop on using land records.  I was fortunate to hear Rick Sayre present several lectures on this subject.  I was just starting out and learned so much those two days.   He and his wife Barbara Sayre will be teaching Course 11: Advanced Research Tools: Land Records.  This is an area I would like to strengthen my skills.

Those would be my top three choices if I were actually going to SLIG 2012.  (A girl can dream, can’t she?)  Actually all of the course tracks look fantastic.  To pick three favorites, much less just one to actually attend would prove difficult.

To find out more information about SLIG, check out their website at . If you are a blogger and would like to participate in SLIG's blog contest you can find the rules here.

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  1. I was at the NCGS conference with Rick Sayre too. Learned a lot too. I began following you because you are in North Carolina.


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