Monday, August 29, 2011

Who Else Is In That Pension File?

I am following Cinamon's example over at (Mis)Adventures of a Genealogist. She has been in the process of analyzing her Luttrell ancestor's pension file.  In the process Cinamon noticed that many who provided affidavits on her ancestor's behalf provided information on their own lives as well.  She has listed out the names of the individuals in her most recent post.  Go check it out.  You might find your ancestor!

This has sent me back to read my own ancestor's pension file.  You may remember James Harward (~1760-1840), my GGGGG grandfather. Specifically I was looking for the names of individuals who testified for him or were mentioned in any other context.  Just what was their relationship to him?  Will I find James mentioned in their pension records? Land records?

[I have not posted on James recently, but you can read about him here.  As a young man he  served three tours in the Revolutionary War fighting with groups formed in Wake County, NC.  He applied for his pension in 1832 at the age of 72.]

Below I have listed the names of  the "other" individuals listed in James Harward's pension file filed in Aug 1832.  I have also included those names listed in his widow Rachel Harward's file  from 1856 as well.

Bartlett Allen Revolutionary War soldier from Wake County, NC

Issac Smith  Revolutionary War soldier from Wake County, NC

John Scott  Neighbor of James Harward

James Morries [Morris]  Neighbor of James Harward

Nelson Andrews 8 Jan 1828  Friend of James Harward

Rachel Belvin  Second wife of James Harward

George Harward  Son of James Harward; Resident of Chatham County, NC 1832

Allen Rogers Wake County Attorney

William Lewell Wake County Attorney

J H Kirkham  Attorney in Wake County 1856

G W F Davis Resident of Wake County 1856

E J W Hogue Resident of Wake County 1856

Iziekiah Goodwin Resident of Wake County 1856; Possible son-in-law of Rachel Belvin Harward

Willie Harred [Harward] Resident of Wake County 1856; Likely son of James Harward

If you find your ancestor among those listed, contact me.  I'm happy to share what I have.


  1. Lisa. Very good post. I came across names in my Gx grandfather's pension file who are on a different branch of my tree. They weren't related at all, but a few generations later their trees merged.

    You also gave me a good idea for a blog post: The importance of giving-back to the genealogy knowledge base.


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