Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm rather late in joining the fun on charting the country of birth for my ancestors (specifically my great-great grandparents).  Oh, well...better late than never.  I was very excited to put the birthplace of my great-great grandparents on a pie chart.  I had seen others in the blogging world posting fun multicolored charts depicting ancestors born in various locations.  So with great anticipation, I started creating mine pie chart.

Mmmmm.....it seems my ancestors have been here a while.  Next I decided to chart my great-great grandparents by the state where they were born.  (I really wanted to add some color to this chart!)

A little more color.  Still, as you can see, my ancestors stayed pretty close to home.  I do admit research is made a little easier when the ancestors did not travel far.


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