Monday, May 14, 2012

NGS Wrap Up

Today I thought I would share some of the things I learned this week at the NGS conference.  I confess the list is a bit random, but after four days of intensive genealogy.... I think you get the picture.
  • Pack light.
  • Come with a plan and objectives.  
  • Attend sessions about geographic areas that are new to you.  I attended a session on Kentucky research.  Many families from VA and NC migrated to Kentucky.  I never know when I might end up tracing a line to Kentucky. (This was one of my favorite sessions.)
  • Kentucky had a star on both the confederate flag and the union flag.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Talk to the people sitting next to you.  I met great people and made new genealogy friends this week.
  • Practice what you learn while the information is fresh on your mind.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions. Genealogists are very approachable and love to share their knowledge.

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