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Are You My Cousin?: NGS - Day One

Are You My Cousin?

Discovering My Ancestors -- One Cousin at a Time

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I tell the stories of my ancestors’ lives. Whether they lived 20 years ago or 200 years ago, they each have a story to tell. Some ancestors tell their stories willingly. Others must have their stories carefully teased from the records. Sometimes the stories are sad. Sometimes the stories are happy. Sometimes the stories are just funny. Regardless, my ancestors’ stories shaped their lives and the lives of those that followed. Come and share in the tales!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

NGS - Day One

My first day actually started Tuesday night with a blogger dinner hosted by  I met new blogger friends, and I encourage you to stop by their blogs:

Here are a few things I learned  about Family Search:
  • Family Search has 530 million + images online.
  • They have 1.7 billion indexed records.
  • 30% of the image indexing for the 1940 census has been completed in 37 days.
  • The 1940 census indexing project is just a small piece of the indexing projects that Family Search has ongoing.  VOLUNTEERS are needed.
On Wednesday morning, I attended the opening ceremony which included a presentation on the 1848 Cincinnati daguerreotype panorama by Patricia Moseley Van Skaik of the Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.  The discoveries in the details of the photograph are absolutely amazing.  This topic deserves a post of its own, so look for one in the future.

The exhibit hall opened and look who I met!

That's me with Lisa Louise Cooke of the Genealogy Gems Podcast.  I started blogging after listening to her podcasts series.  Lisa gave great advice and Are You My Cousin is now three years old.  Thanks, Lisa!

I'm off to a new session, but I'll report on more later.



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