Saturday, May 12, 2012

NGS - Day Three

I started off my morning attending Angela McGhie's session on newspaper research.  Angela did a fantastic job  of presenting how to use newspapers in your research and how to find those newspapers.  I confess I do not use the newspapers as a resource nearly as much as I should.  I have a recent subscription to and plan to spend some focused research time there in the near future.

Next up, I attended Barbara Vines Little's session on chancery records. As with her lecture on Tuesday, I came away with renewed confidence in being able to search out my ancestors in the chancery records of Virginia and understand what the documents are telling me. (Actually, I skipped an afternoon session in order to be able to do a little research in this area while things were still fresh on my mind.)

A session on proving/disproving family myths, lunch with a new genealogy friend and research kept me busy during the early afternoon.  Then back to the conference for another session and browsing time in the exhibit hall.  While I was there, I did some indexing of the 1940 census.  I then enjoyed catching up with my ProGen mentor Claire Bettag. At last it was back to my room for more research time.

Another great day at NGS!

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