Friday, September 23, 2011

Genealogy and Physical Therapy

As I meet genealogists through my blog or at an event, I am always fascinated by the various backgrounds we bring to genealogy research.  I've met genealogists with backgrounds in business, teaching, law and more.

By training I am a physical therapist.  Specifically, I am an acute (hospital) PT.

Genealogy and physical therapy - an odd combination, don't you think?  Well, maybe not.

As a physical therapist, I evaluate a patient's problem, develop a treatment plan, and carry out that plan. Isn't that what I do as a genealogist?

  1. First I identify the research focus. (This would be the patient's problem)
  2. I analyze what is already known about the research question. (This would be the patient's medical history.)
  3. I determine what other information is needed. (This would be hands on evaluation of a patient's problem.)
  4. I develop a research plan to address the central question. (This would be treatment plan.)
  5. I carry out the research plan. (This would be carrying out the patient's treatment plan.)
  6. I re-evaluate the research plan and adapt it based on research findings.  (I re-evaluate the patient frequently and make adjustments to their treatment as needed.)
Whether I am working as a genealogist or a physical therapist, I use both my analytic skills and my interview/people skills. "Thinking outside the box" is helpful in both as well.

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  1. My grandmother did a whole geneaology on the family - well, as much as she could. It was fascinating - especially since I was adopted and she was my birth grandmother! (Long story)


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