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Are You My Cousin?: Weekly Postcard Mrs. D T Richardson

Are You My Cousin?

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekly Postcard Mrs. D T Richardson

This is a fun birthday card addressed to my great-great grandmother Harriet Elliott Richardson (Mrs. D. T. Richardson) in the c/o Mr. C. R. Elliott of News Ferry, VA. Harriett apparently was visiting her brother C. R. Elliott during Apr of 1913.

The card is dated 2 Apr 1913 which is not Harriett's birthday. Her birthday was actually 14 Oct 1871. I believe this was a case of a frugal sender using the card she had available.

The transcription on the back as as follows:

Dear Hattie
How are you feeling today? O. K. I hope We are all well at present I am coming to see you Fri. if I can and want you to meet me at the depot I will just bring the baby and will come in the morning train. love to all I am as ever your sister

Ruth Ricketts

Ruth Ricketts (1877-1962) was Harriett's sister-in-law, sister to Daniel Thomas Richardson. Of note, Daniel Richardson died in Nov 1912, about 4 months prior to this card being written.



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