Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekly Postcard Easter

Easter is next week and I thought I would share an Easter postcard from among my collection. This lovely postcard was sent to my great grandmother Esther Lee Richardson when she was living in News Ferry, VA. The card is postmarked 3 Apr 1915 in Ringgold, VA.

It's transcription reads:

Esther, Why haven't you answer my last letter? You treated me real bad. Say, aren't you coming to see us soon. You and Rubin just ride by and never ________ Hope he is well _____. Tell Mrs. R___ she must come sometimes. Are you most married. What are you going to do Easter? Come up here please do. Answer soon. Nannie Lee

The sender of this card was Nannie Lee with no surname given. I suspect this may have been Esther's cousin Nannie Lee Elliott, though I cannot be completely sure. The Rubin who is mentioned would have been Esther's younger brother. Mrs. R___ was Esther's mother Hattie Richardson.

Notice the mention of being married? Esther was married the following November to Boss Henry Talbott.

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