Friday, March 5, 2010

Needing Advice On Cleaning Heirloom Clothing

I recently received a few articles of clothing that belonged to my great-grandmother Esther Lee Richardson Talbott (d. 1923). Among the clothes was a skirt and top, sun bonnets, a child's dress and a child's gown. The family thinks the child's dress was Esther's daughter Ruth Virginia's (d. 1924).

The clothing is quite dirty. The child's white gown has dark brown stains on it. I think these pieces may have been packed away for years in my great-grandfather's trunk after their respective deaths.

Here's my question....

How do I clean them/restore them? Is this something I can do or does it require a professional?

If any readers have any experience or advice, please comment. I would be ever so appreciative.


  1. One thing I know: you need to find out the fabric. For example, if it is linen, never use bleach or it will turn yellow - linen should be hung on a clothesline in the sun to brighten up.

  2. I'm glad you asked this question as I have some articles that I'm going to need to deal with. I'm anxiously awaiting responses to your question!


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