Sunday, March 14, 2010

Elma Lee Talbott Solomon

Elma Lee Talbott Solomon (b. 15 Sep 1920, d. 17 Jan 1999) was the third child born to Boss Henry Talbott and Esther Lee Richardson of South Boston, VA. I recently received a box of her pictures and have had a great time going through them. Elma's life was well documented in pictures. It has been fun seeing the progression of fashions through the years.

As a very young girl Elma lost her mother and then her older sister Ruth and younger brother Garnett a year later to influenza. Like many rural families in the 1920's the young family lived close to grandparents, aunts and uncles. After her mother's death, her father moved the family in with his parents Joseph Merritt and Rosa (Bowen) Talbott.
Elma married Lonnie Solomon of Turbeville, VA. When her husband was discharged from the Navy following WWII, the couple continued to live amongst the family in the Cluster Springs area outside of South Boston. Elma and Lonnie never had children of their own, however Elma always enjoyed the children of her family and friends. She enjoyed a full and active life with many friends, church activities and work.

Elma and husband Lonnie

Going through the many pictures from Elma's life has brought back memories of this lovely lady I was fortunate to know. One of the things that struck me as I have studied her pictures is her resemblance to her mother. I had never noticed that before. She had the tall, lean build of her father, but I see the Richardson side of the family in her facial features. I wonder what else I'll discover as I complete the inventory of her pictures.

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