Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekly Postcard - A Birthday Card

As I am sure has become obvious over time, I have quite a large collection of postcards that belonged to my ancestors. Luckily, they never threw any away. (I've begun to see an legacy of pack rats!) In order to share the postcards as well as preserve them, I decided to post (no pun intended) weekly a postcard and its transcription.
This week's postcard is a birthday card addressed to Mrs. T F Chandler of West Rye, N.H.

The card is postmarked 1 Jan 1915 in Everett Mass.

The transcription reads:

My dear Henry:-
A very happy birthday to you. I will write you a long letter soon. After you see all the folks and rest up a little I want you to make me a visit. Walter seconds my wishes too.
Lots of love

There are several things about this card that I find interesting from a family history view point. First off, I have no idea who Mrs Chandler, Henry or Billy are. There are no Chandlers in my database nor any ancestors from the New England area. Also, the card is addressed to Mrs. T F Chandler, but the salutation is to Henry.

Another interesting question is how did this card end up among my great-mother's things in South Boston, VA?

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  1. What a very pretty card, and I'm glad it was saved. I would think you have a mystery on your hands, and I hope you can solve it. Wow, So. Boston is such a tiny town, I remember going through it when I lived in VA, nice to know you had relatives there.


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