Saturday, September 26, 2009

Winifred Davis Haley Carr

In this post I introduce you to my great-grandmother Winifred (Winnie) Davis Haley Carr. She was born 9 Sep 19891 in Halifax County, VA to William and Clara (Holt) Haley. She was their third child and one of six girls! She married Silas Baker Carr 26 Sep 1909, 100 years ago today. They spent their married lives in Halifax County, VA raising their four children.

I am fortunate that I actually met Winnie as a small child. While I confess to no vivid memories I do have some vague images of her still in mind's eye. I remember visiting her at her eldest daughter's home at a time that must have been near the end of her life. She wore a dark cardigan sweater. I remember dropping a glass and it breaking on the kitchen floor. I also remember being very worried about what she would think! Strange what sticks in the memory of a young child.

I do know that Winnie loved music and was quite talented in that respect. She played the guitar as in the picture and she played the banjo as well. While her banjo is still in the family, unfortunately it has fallen into disrepair. Music was always a part of her household and a love she passed onto her children as well.

One of Winnie's secrets is that she dyed her hair! I hope she forgives me for sharing that with the blogging world! She took great pride in her appearance and would always be found with her hair "done" and her beads in place.

Winnie Haley Carr died 25 Jan 1970 in South Boston, VA.

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