Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Overwhelmed and Couldn't Be Happier

I am currently overwhelmed in all matters of genealogy and family history. In case you think this is a complaint, it most definitely is not! During the last couple of months, I have come into the possession of many old family photos, land deeds, wills, and family letters and memoribilia from my ancestors. What's more, these items come from four different family lines! It is like winning the genealogical jackpot. I'm looking forward to sorting things out, identifying photos and finding new clues to further my research. I'm giddy just thinking about it all.

Here's a sneak preview of just one of the things I found:

That's my grandfather Crafton Talbott holding me as an infant.


  1. Wow - You really did hit the jackpot! I have come into a lot of "goodies," but not so many at once. I would love to hear how you came by these.

  2. Greta, thanks for the comment! I came into all my goodies when cleaning out my grandmother's house as well as the result of other family members cleaning out their old files.


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