Monday, June 6, 2011

The Courtship of Esther, Part 4

Going to the mailbox must have been an adventure for Esther. Did she look forward to it? Anticipate whose letter she might receive? Did she go with some trepidation? Anxious over whose card she might (or might not) receive?  Did she worry that her younger siblings would read her postcards?  Postcards put thoughts and messages out to the public.  The answers to these questions will never be known.  One can only speculate as to the real answers.

In 1913 and 1914 the postcards from Esther's suitors just kept coming.  Esther was 17-18 years old.  In all, Esther had over a dozen suitors writing to her.  The ones highlighted here sent 2-3 postcards each to Esther.  Not a lot is known about these young men.  In some cases, not even their real identity is known.

WJH sent this card to Esther in January 1913, lamenting about not being able to see her at Christmas time.  He hoped to see her soon and told her to be "good as ever".  From the picture on the card, there is no doubt in his intention to woe Esther.  I do not know the identity of WJH.  He only signed with his initials.  On none of his postcards does he sign his full name; however his postcards are postmarked South Boston, VA.

This card was sent from Willie Meadows of the Ringgold, VA area.  Willie is another suitor lamenting a missed opporutnity to see Esther.  In this case, Willie missed taking Esther to a picnic.  Perhaps he sent the card to make sure she knew he was still interested.

There was no question about the message this suitor was sending in February 1914.  NWC was yet another suitor who missed an opportunity to see Esther at a local fair.  "Let's Get Married" was a bold sentiment to send.  Was he really proposing or just making reassuring Esther of his intentions as a suitor?  Esther only saved a few cards from NWC indicating he may have been more interested in her than she in him.  I wonder what she wrote back to him.

None of these young men proved to the ONE for Esther.  He was quietly in the background.....


  1. Amazing collection and story!

  2. I think she liked them all, at least a little. Why else save the cards all those years.


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