Monday, June 20, 2011

A Charming Bride

Richardson-Talbott Wedding Announcement
With her marriage to Boss Talbott on 21 Nov 1915, Esther's courtship came to a happy end.  The marriage announcement above was printed in the Halifax Gazette.  She and Boss married in the the parlor of the The Manse of South Boston.  It is possible the Manse referred to in the announcement above was the colonial house known as Green's Folly located about 2 miles from Halifax, VA.  (Among its various ownerships and functions over many years, Green's Folly was a country club during this time period. It was sold in 1918 to again become a private residence.)

Otey Talbott and Myrtle Talbott were siblings of Boss and served as wedding attendants.  Myrtle was also a friend of Esther's as evidenced by their correspondence through letters and postcards in Esther's collection.  Edward and Annie Steube were brother and sister.  Their stepmother was Geneva Talbott Steube, Boss's aunt. Though not related by blood, they were likely considered cousins.

Did you spot the mistake in Esther's mother's name?  The marriage announcement listed Esther's mother as Addie Richardson instead of Hattie Richardson.  It appears the announcement  may have been written by someone who did not know the family well.  Another possibility for the error was simply a typographical error.

Esther and Boss began their married life on his farm in Jeffress, VA.  Throughout her marriage, Esther continued to correspond with her family and friends, though a little less frequently.  Her busy life as a young farm wife and then mother would have made it difficult to write often.

The story of Esther's courtship has ended, but I still have the letters she wrote and that she received after her marriage.  Her correspondence continues to tell her story and I look forward to learning about Esther's life in her new role.

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