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Are You My Cousin?: Could This Be Will?

Are You My Cousin?

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Could This Be Will?

Could This Be William Elliott?
The Courtship of Esther series showed that my great grandmother was popular with the young men.  The large number of postcards and letters exchanged proved that fact.  So, the large number of unidentified photos that were also hers?  Could these be photos of her suitors?   Perhaps the photographs are not of family as I first thought. Likely I will never know for sure, but this photo?

One of the young men who corresponded with Esther the longest was Will Elliott. The photo above might be Will.  In a letter dated 11 Mar 1913, Will makes reference to being in Washington, D.C. and having his photo taken.  Examining this photo shows that it was taken in Washingotn, D. C. by Johnson Bros photographer on Penna Ave, Washington, DC.  From his military papers, I learned that Will had blue eyes, medium brown hair and a fair complexion.  It could be him.  Maybe?

Maybe not? As I write this I can think of several reasons the photo would not be Will Elliott.  Oh dear! (I mean, Oh Yeah!)  I now have the opportunity to embark on some photographer research. Wish me luck!

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