Monday, March 21, 2011

Who Am I? I Am Who They Were....

I am a:

• Wife
• Mother
• Daughter
• Granddaughter
• Aunt
• Niece
• Cousin
• Homemaker

I wear many labels. I wear many of the same labels that my female ancestors did. Am I really any different? I expect if I could talk to my female ancestors I would find we are not really so different. We may have lived in different economic times. My ancestors were full time homemakers. I work outside of the home. My great x3 grandmothers wore sun bonnets, I wear sunglasses. I have technology at my finger tips. My great x3 grandmothers had laundry at their (chapped) fingertips! I have “servants” known as my washing machine and dishwasher that help me cook and clean. Some of my ancestors had actual servants to help cook and clean.

Despite the differences in our lives, I cannot help but think all of us in our particular point in time were (are) after the same things in life: a well run home, a healthy and happy family and time to enjoy family and friends. I am proud to be counted among them!

The women pictured above are: Hattie Elliot Richardson (great-great grandmother), Mattie Maddox Howard (great-grandmother), Esther Richardson Talbott (great-grandmother), Stella Holyfield White (great-grandmother), and Cecile White Howard (grandmother).


  1. Lovely job on the photo! Lovely thoughts in the post.

  2. What a lovely collage of your ladies. And I liked your thoughts about the things we probably have in common with for foremothers. I believe it's true. I wrote a somewhat similar post ( and combined photos of my foremothers in a similar way not long ago. Thanks for sharing. Lovely post.


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