Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How Do You Share Your Family History?

Lately I have been wondering the best way to share the family history I have been gathering over the past few years. I want to share not just the names and dates of our ancestors, but the family artifacts, photos and, stories. My collection has grown quite large. I certainly enjoy blogging about our ancestors (and will continue to do so!), but with the amounts of information I have gathered on both my maternal and paternal lines, I have begun to wonder if there is another way to share as well. Is it time for a book? (I don’t believe I actually wrote that.)

My question to fellow genealogists out there is this: What are some of the ways (other than blogging) that you share you genealogy with your family?

To my cousins out there: What would like to know about our family?


  1. I published a book using of one branch of my family which I made available to all my cousins in that branch. For the older generation who don't use the Internet, there is no equivalent to holding a book in your hand. There's also a narrative you can tell in book format that is hard to do online in the same way.

  2. Are your Whites married to Flinn's from Virginia?

    Is your Richardson line married to any Parrish's from NC?

    Thank you.


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