Friday, March 11, 2011

Family Friday: The Locket

This is Esther Lee Richardson Talbott's locket.  The monogram is faint, but has her initials ELR engraved on the front.  I expect the locket was a gift from her parents, though I cannot know for sure.  Based on the faded monogram and the condition of the clasp, Esther treasured her locket and wore it often.

Inside the locket is a picture of Esther as an adult. If you look closely you can see Esther is actually wearing the locket in the photo. I actually have the orginal of this photo hanging in my home.  After Esther's death, I believe the locket eventually was handed down to her daughter Elma Talbott.  Perhaps Elma placed the photo of the mother she lost as a young child inside the locket.

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