Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Uncovering" an Ancestor

While searching the Salem Fork Baptist Church cemetery for my ancestors, there was one grave marker that could not be found. The grave of Poppa White, otherwise known as James Abe White. Poppa White was my great-grandfather, wife of Stella Holyfield White and father of Cecile White Howard. I knew he was buried in this cemetery, but I just could not find him. After searching where I thought he should be and where I thought he shouldn't be, I went and stood at my great-grandmother's grave (Stella H White) and just looked. No Poppa. I stepped to my left and again just looked. Still nothing, but shouldn't Poppa be next to his wife? I began to think the his marker must be missing. My husband began to poke around and then we found it. The grass had completely grown over the marker, hiding it from view completely. We pulled the grass off of the marker and cleaned it with water and an old towel we had in the car. James Abe White's presence in the cemetery is once again visible. I shudder to think his presence there could have been lost completely.

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  1. Lisa, we have had similar things happen to us. My husband's grandfather's stone lies flat in the ground and we had to literally "dig" it out one day. I fear that when we aren't here anymore, it will just be taken over by the ground for good. It's very sad.


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