Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mount Airy, NC

Any guesses as to where I was last weekend?

If you guessed Mount Airy, NC or even Mayberry, you would be correct. Mount Airy, NC is the real life NC town on which Mayberry in the Andy Griffith Show is based. It is located in the foothills of the NC mountains. I must say that that area of North Carolina is absolutely beautiful this time of year.

As you can imagine, Mayberry paraphernalia related to the TV show is prevalent in Mt. Airy. Having grown up in NC and watched the Andy Griffith Show, that part of the town didn't really draw me as I thought it would. I was more intrigued by the architecture of the downtown area and the older houses along the main street. Of course, the little country churches with their old cemeteries were a fascination to me.

This trip was not about genealogy, at least not at first. It was a trip to just "get away" and relax. We planned and did a lot of geocaching. In the process we discovered several beautiful parks and areas off the beaten path in and around Mount Airy.

And then my husband asked, "Don't you have family from Dobson?" Off to Dobson we went......

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  1. Very nice pictures. Looks like it was a gorgeous day!


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