Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday Stella Holyfield White

Stella Holyfield White
Jan 20, 1895
Jan 19, 1977
Stella H White was my great-grandmother. She is buried at Salem Fork Baptist Church outside of Dobson, NC.
I remember Grandma White well, but the memories are from a child's perspective. (She passed away when I was 11. Oops! I think I just told my age.) I remember as being old, very old. When my family visited her when she was at my grandparents house, I would share a bedroom with her. I always hoped to fall asleep fast, because she snored. If Grandma White fell asleep first, I would be awake for a long time.....

I was always fascinated watching Grandma White fix her hair in the mornings. She had long hair that she would brush smooth. They she would braid it and wrap the braid around her head. She secured it with funny looking hair pins. What I could never figure out was how she did it without ever looking in a mirror! To this day, I cannot fix my hair without looking in the mirror.

It's funny what a child remembers.

There are many others in my family who knew Grandma White much better than I. I treasure their stories about her. I look forward to learning and sharing more.

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