Saturday, February 13, 2010

Family Flag

I have seen other genealogy bloggers making and displaying their "family flags" representing their heritage. I decided to join in on the fun. The top of my flag is of course, the American flag. Many of my ancestors came to America in its infancy to live and raise the next generations. They were predominantly farmers settling in Virginia and later North Carolina. I am fortunate to have found many records including their personal correspondences that document their lives. Through public records, their photos, and letters, they have told me many of their stories.

The lower left hand flag is that of the United Kingdom. While I have yet to get many (make that any) of my family lines back across the Atlantic, based on their surnames and locations, it is generally believed they came from England and Scotland. ( I do have one line that is definitively back to Scotland based on another researcher's research.)

The bottom right hand flag is that of Ireland. My great-great grandmother Joanna Barrett White was an Irish immigrant in the 1800's. I have had little experience in immigrant research and look forward to learning more about that area of genealogy as I uncover her past.

I "fly" my flag proudly!

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