Monday, February 1, 2010

Confederate Money

Confederate $20 bill (Front)

Confederate $20bill (Back)

One of the wonderful things about researching my family history is that I have become the keeper for many of the family heirlooms. The above confederate money was in a box of my great grandmother Winifred (Winnie) Haley Carr's things. Initially when going through the box I thought someone had dropped a $20 bill into it. I was rather stunned when I discovered that I was actually holding confederate money. I don't know who the original owner of the money was. Winnie (1891-1970) was certainly not the original owner. It could possibly be one of her grandparents. It could also have been from her husband Silas Baker Carr's (1878-1968) side of the family.

The original ownership will likely never be known, but civil war era history came alive in a way I had not yet experienced.

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