Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Genea-Santa

Dear Genea-Santa,

Christmas is fast approaching and I thought I'd better get my wish list in now. Christmas cookies and milk will be waiting for you when you come on Christmas Eve. Don't worry, the things on my list are not heavy and are easy to carry.

I'd like proof of where William Harward (Howard/Harwood) come from prior to buying land in Wake County, NC in 1767. I'd settle for just a clue if that's all you can find.

I'd like a birth record stating the parents of William Henry Haley (of Halifax County, VA). Just a reminder, William was born in 1861. His marriage record states his parents were SC Haley and Margaret. If it's not too much trouble, could you throw in the identity and parents of SC Haley? Just as a stocking stuffer?

I'd like the identity of my stash of "unknowns" among my photographs. I believe they are all from Halifax and Pittsylvania Counties in Virginia. That should narrow it down a least a little.

Genea Santa, if this is too much, could I just have a time machine? I can save you the research (I know you are very busy this time of year!) and zip back through time and check with my ancestors directly.


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  1. Oh, if this works, I'm really going to regret getting myself put on the Naughty List this year...


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