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Are You My Cousin?: Found - The Next Haley (Hailey) Generation

Are You My Cousin?

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Found - The Next Haley (Hailey) Generation

I recently began researching my Haley (Hailey) family line of Halifax County, VA. This is one family line that did not come easily at first. Starting out I did know who my great-grandmother (Winnie Haley) and my great-great grandfather (William) were. I had a birthdate, death date and marriage date for William from oral and written family history. Where they came from I had no idea. Were they accurate? Perhaps.

Two essential questions were upper most in my mind:

*Where was William Haley before 1900?

I lost him in the census prior to this time.

*Who were William Haley's parents?

Some researchers online list his parents as Albert and Martha Hailey. They did have a child named William, but he was not my William.

I utilized the interlibrary loan services of my local library to obtain birth and marriage microfilm records for Halifax County. The anticipation I felt when they arrived had me at the library at opening yesterday.

Two hours later, I found them. I found the marriage registration for William H Haley and Clara H Holt of Halifax County, VA married on 12 Dec 1883. William was 21 and Clara was 19. Both were listed as living in Halifax County. William was listed as a farmer. Parents were listed as SC (possibly J C) and Margaret Haley and B W [Branch W] and Caroline Holt.

I think I managed to contain my shriek of joy and triumph. Mostly.

Stay tuned for more of the story of William Haley. I'm still early in the process. I am compiling family stories, editing photos and searching for SC Haley.



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