Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"New" Photographs of Haleys

I realized something today.  I have a LOT of photographs. I also sometimes forget what I have.

I found these Haley family photographs this morning while looking for a different set of photographs entirely.
Haley cousins, I need your help in filling in the blanks.  These photographs were labeled.  Are these individuals correctly identified? I would love your help in completing the story behind the picture.

The gentleman on the left is identified as Dee Owen.  The others are not identified.  Are they relatives?  Friends?  Any idea as to the location of the picture?

This couple is identified as George and Daisy (Haley) Nichols. I expect this photograph was taken in Charlotte County, VA. Year?

This gentleman is Timmie "Teet" Haley.  This particular photograph indicated he was in Hawaii. Am I correct in his given name being Timothy William Haley?  How did his nickname come about?

This is another photograph of Timmie Haley (right).  Ft McPowell is written on the back. The gentleman on the left is not identified and presumably a friend.

Thanks for your help!

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