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Are You My Cousin?: Could These Be Photographs of Your Ancestors?

Are You My Cousin?

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Could These Be Photographs of Your Ancestors?

Like many genealogists and family historian, I have photographs of people I cannot identified.  When I first came into possession of them, I just assumed the photographs were of my ancestors. People in the family.

I may have made a wrong assumption.

Many of my unidentified photographs were among my great grandmother Eshter L Richardson's things. (I've written about Esther frequently here on my blog.)  As I have gotten to know her through her saved letters and postcards, I learned that she was very social and had a lot of friends with whom she kept in touch.  This was the early 1900's when photographs were becoming more popular and easy to share.

I had a lot of her correspondence with her friends (and beaus), why not photographs?  Below are some of those photographs I still cannot identify.  I believe the individuals to have been from Pittsylvania County, Halifax County or Mecklenburg County areas of south central Virginia.

Possible surnames might include: Farson, Clark, Satterfield, Meadows, or Roberts.  Some Elliotts might be there as well.

Take a look.  If you see anyone you might recognize, leave me a comment.  If you know anyone researching these surnames or this area of Virginia, forward them my link.  I am going to need help identifying these individuals.



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