Monday, July 4, 2011

Cousins Connect

One of the really nice things about this blog is the opportunity connect with cousins on the family lines that I research and blog.  Recently, another set of Haley cousins and I did just that.  We connected.  They are the descendants of Ivy Haley Singleton, sister of my great-grandmother Winnie Haley Carr.  Ivy Haley was the fourth child of Will and Clara Haley.  She married James Monroe Singleton in 1913.  Unfortunately, Ivy died 10 years later leaving behind her husband and 5 young children.  

Ivy's descendants shared these photos with me, and I am happy to share them here on my blog. (Hint, hint, other cousins!)

Ivy Haley (1894-1923)

Ivy Haley and Emma Holt (a cousin)
Below are two photographs of Will and Clara Haley that I had not seen. Receiving photographs of my GG grandparents in my inbox always makes me smile!
Will Haley  1942
Clara Holt Haley

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