Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Reflector 1951


The students of Cluster Springs High School are proud of the achievements of their basketball teams, the "Bluebirds". The Seniors are taking you now into the nest of the "Bluebirds", Cluster Springs High School. They hope this edition of the REFLECTOR will hold many pleasant and happy memories of the year 1950-'51 for all of you.

The bluebird deserves to be popular, for it is useful as well as beautiful. Like the bluebird which builds its nest in farmyards, loves the green fields and dales of the countryside, and seeks the companionship of man, the students of Cluster Springs are country folks who love country things and get as much enjoyment from them as the bluebird, which is the symbol of happiness.

The above is the foreword written in the Cluster Springs High School 1951 yearbook The Reflector.

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