Monday, August 16, 2010

Postcard form San Antonio, Texas

"A Driveway in Brackenridge Park. San Antonio, Tex."

This postcard is another from my great-grandmother's collection. It is postmarked 8 May 1911 in San Antonio, TX and addressed to her while she was living in Ringgold, VA. It reads:
Received card this a.m. are getting on fine. Give all my love. I am sending D. T. [Esther's father Daniel Thomas Richardson] a paper. had a very nice Easter. write soon. By Be_j__ Elliott

I have not researched the Elliott family extensively, however I believe to be from Benjamin Elliott, a cousin to Esther. (Please note that I have not confirmed that completely.) Esther' mother Harriet was an Elliott before her marriage.

Wonder what Benjamin was doing in Texas?

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