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Are You My Cousin?: A Little Haley Update

Are You My Cousin?

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Little Haley Update

For all those Haley cousins out there, I thought I would update my research status on this family. Using census records (both population and agricultural) and a transcription of his father-in-law's (Brackett Owen's) will I have traced my Haley line back to Jesse R Haley of Halifax County, VA in 1826. Jesse Haley married Temperance Owen in Halifax County, VA in 1826. I believe they may have been living with family in the 1830 and 1840 censuses as Jesse does not show up as the Head of Household in either of these census records.

I found Jesse and Temperance Haley listed in the deed index records for Halifax County, VA. I am waiting for the microfilm order to arrive from the FHL. I also am waiting for the tax records for Halifax County to arrive through ILL from the Library of VA. I am hopeful these records will shed light on Jesse Haley and our line.

One of the things I have wondered about is Jesse's name. Records frequently use a middle initial: Jesse R Haley. I have noticed in this Haley family line that often the middle name is the name by which a person was called, but the given name was used in the records. For example, his son Stephen C went by Case ("Kas"), his son Alexander R went by Robert, and his grandson George William went by William/Will. I've wondered if I am having trouble finding Jesse because he used a middle name at times. What could that R have stood for: Robert, Richard.........?

I will update more on the Haleys once I receive the land and tax records.



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