Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope this post finds everyone enjoying a lovely 4th of July. I celebrated by visiting the 4th of July activities at the Joel Lane house in Wake County, NC. Tours of the house with knowledgeable docents and activities outside for the children made for a fun time. While I have ancestors who were living in Wake County during the same time period as the Lane family, I have no ancestral connections to the Lane family. However, because I research Wake County genealogy, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about life in the county during the late 1700's.

The Joel Lane Museum House dates back to about 1770. The original house now sits about a block from its original location. Land provided by Joel Lane became the new capital city of NC when the capital was moved from New Bern, NC. It is for this reason that Joel Lane is often referred to as "the father of Raleigh". You can find more on Joel Lane at the museum's website.

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