Thursday, June 4, 2009

Update on John B Talbott

I've recently had the pleasure of reading John B Talbott's Civil War Pension application. (John B was my great-great grandfather.) The copy quality was not the best, but I was able to read it well enough to learn more about his war experience.

John B Talbott made his application in Mar 1904, confirming information that the family already knew. He was born in Halifax County, VA and lived there all his life. He was listed as a farmer on rented land, stating that he had been a farmer "all my life". He reason for applying for the pension is due to his war injury of "ruptured and weak lungs". He stated he could only do a little work occasionally and made less than $60 a year. The actual statement on the application reads as "I am ruptured so badly that I was unable to work at all." From reading his application, it is clear he was injured in the war, but I do not know exactly what is meant by a "ruptured lung" or when the injury actually took place. John B served in the war from 1862 until its conclusion. I think it is interesting that his application is dated 1904. I am unsure reading the application if John B received his pension though I believe he did. (That part of the copy was of poorer quality.)

As usual, I found some answers and more questions! I would be very interested in knowing if any of the cousins ever heard stories about Grandaddy John and the Civil War.

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