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Are You My Cousin?: Esther Talbott's Sewing Patterns

Are You My Cousin?

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Esther Talbott's Sewing Patterns

I spent some time today going through the boxes of family items that came out of my Aunt Elma (Talbott) Solomon's house. I've looked through the boxes several times before, however, there is so much in them that processing it all at one time is difficult. Today I was struck by these old sewing patterns in one of the boxes. They belonged to my great-grandmother, Esther Lee (Richardson) Talbott. Her name is penciled on the back of one of the patterns. She must have been an excellent seamstress. These are very detailed garments. Above is a Pictorial Review Patter #7568. It is for a little boy's suit. Below is the back of the envelope giving cutting and sewing instructions. I was unable to find a date on this pattern, however, her oldest child Crafton was born in 1916. She died in 1923, so I would presume that this pattern is from that time period.

This next pattern is Butterick pattern #7441. It is for a Ladies' dress "in Clearing Length, with Slightly Raised Waistline"and contains 13 pieces. This pattern was patented in 1898. Note the price was 15 cents.

Below is the back of the envelope containing the cutting and sewing directions.

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