Friday, June 22, 2012

More Elliotts Arrive By E-mail

The Genealogy Happy Dance continues!

L to R (front) Cynthia Elliott, Campbell Barnett, Samuel Barnett
(back)  Edward Scott Barnett, Marion Barnett

More Elliotts have arrived in my inbox! Or in this case, Barnetts.

This is a photograph of Cynthia Elliott (1869-1950)  and Samuel Currie Barnett with their children Campbell "Cam" Barnett (b. 23 Nov 1900), Edward Scott Barnett (b. 8 Oct 1887), and Marion Barnett (b. 19 Apr 1893). Both Cynthia and Samuel are buried at the Black Walnut Baptist Church in Cluster Springs, VA. Cynthia is the oldest of two daughters born to Elias Elliott and Panthea Overby.  Cynthia is the sister to my GG grandmother Harriet "Hattie" Elliott.

Cynthia Elliott (seated) and Harriet Elliott

The resemblance between the two women is striking.  I wonder what their mother looked like.

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  1. That's really neat Lisa! I've only been at this a little while, but I find that when I am able to find out something about one of my ancestors, or find a picture of them, that I suddenly feel affection and pride for them, even if I never knew them when they were alive. It's as if we suddenly have a special connection. Do you feel a similar feeling?


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