Monday, June 11, 2012

How Much Was Jesse's Property Worth?

Jesse Haley died in the summer of 1869.  His estate included 79 3/4 acres of land in Halifax County, VA  that was sold at auction in 1870 to the highest bidder.  His son Stephen C. "Cas" Haley was the highest bidder paying $3.20 per acre or a total of $255.52.

Dick Eastman recently shared a link to S Morgan Friedman's inflation calculator.  I decided to see just how much Stephen C Haley paid for his father's land at auction in terms of today's money. (Well, at 2010 which is the latest the inflation calculator goes.)

Stephen C Haley would have paid the equivalent of $54.49 per acre and a total of $4345.58 on the land in 2010.  Very interesting!

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