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Are You My Cousin?: Where Was Jesse From 1827-1835?

Are You My Cousin?

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Where Was Jesse From 1827-1835?

The answer to this question may prove to be important in my search for Jesse Haley's parents.

Jesse Haley's life is pretty well established. He resided in Halifax County, Va from 1835 to his death there in 1869.  He payed personal property taxes there from 1824-1826.  He married there in 1826.  Then he disappeared from  1827-1835.

Where did he go?  He was a young man and newly married.  His first two children were born during this time.

I talked with the genealogy researcher at the Halifax County courthouse. He offered me some ideas on where to look for Jesse:

  • Check neighboring Charlotte County tax records during these years. (Jesse does not show up in the census records there for 1830.) Many Haleys lived in Charlotte County. The area that Jesse eventually settled in was not far from Charlotte County.  Also, Sterling was living near the Charlotte County border during the 1820's. 
  • In 1828 gold was discovered in Georgia.  (Read more about that here.)  Over time, many Halifax County families migrated to Georgia in hopes of striking it rich.  According to the courthouse researcher, most of the surnames of Halifax County will be found Georgia by the end of the gold rush.  Haley is among the names found in Georgia during this time.  I need to check the Georgia records for Jesse. 
  • Many Halifax Counties families migrated to TN during this time.  Haleys were among them.  A preliminary search found no trace of Jesse, but more research is still needed.
It is nice to have new avenues to research.

NOTE:  If you are needed to research at the Halifax County, Va courthouse, go on a Thursday or a Friday. A genealogist researcher is there both days to assist you in finding the records you need.  He is a wealth of information!

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