Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ernest In New York

I have mentioned before that several of my ancestors were scrapbookers.  Recently I find myself going back through their scrapbooks at a leisurely pace. I am amazed at the details I missed the first time.  Below is an example.

Among the most prolific was my Uncle Ernest.  Ernest Henry Carr (1920-1991) was the son of Winnie (Haley) and Silas Baker Carr.  He joined the navy at the age of 18 and went on to serve 20+ years. I found this photograph stuck in one of his two scrapbooks.

Ernest with NY skyline in background
On the back of the photograph is a letter he wrote his mother.

At some point it the photograph was glued into a scrapbook and taken back out again. You can see where it stuck to the page. I am not sure by whom or when.  It is still fairly easy to read.  Ernest always appeared to have good penmanship. (This is a trait that did not get passed down through the generations!)

Dear Mom,
     This picture was taken the morning we
arrived in New York. It was taken ___
the main _____ after  aft on the st________
the back _____the ship.  The water_______
Hudson River ____ part of the ______ the
backgr__ _____ the borough of Manhattan on
 the island of Manhattan.  The drive where
you see the cars is famous Riverside Drive.
To give you an idea of the size of the island
and the height of the Empire State Building, We 
are moored to a buoy in the Hudson River at
79th Street and the Empire State Building is on 
34th Street, a distance of forty five blocks, eacy
block being close to a quarter of a mile.  Just 
thought you might be interested.  I also saw the
Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, The U. N. Building
and the skyscraper skyline of New York ____ after
The empire State Building everything else ____ seem
small.  ____ hear from you.
         Love to All,
        Your Son,

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