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Are You My Cousin?: Halifax County, VA Research Trip

Are You My Cousin?

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Halifax County, VA Research Trip

I'm back from my Haley research trip to the Halifax County, VA  courthouse. My goal was to determine the parentage of Jesse Haley (1803-1869) or determine possible parental candidates.  As part of this goal, I was trying to determine the relationship (if any) of Sterling S Haley, Polly Haley, and William Haley to Jesse Haley.  As I have posted earlier, these individuals appeared in the vicinity of Jesse in the 1820's.

Was I successful? 

Yes and no. 

  •  I still am unable to state who was the father of Jesse Haley. I think I am giving up on the dream that I will find a document where an ancestor refers to "my son Jesse Haley".  Isn't that what we all hope for when we research?
  • I was able to determine that the parents of Sterling S. Haley were Benjamin Haley and Elizabeth Williams.  The source of this information was the will of Elizabeth's father Robert Williams.
  • I found that in all the records of Sterling Haley, he is referred to as Sterling S. Haley.  This may be indicative of another Sterling Haley in the area. The S may have been used to differentiate between the two men. Another possibility is that Sterling may have been called by his middle name during daily life, while his first name was used in more official records.  This is actually a pattern I have seen in Jesse's Haley family line.
  • I was unable to determine the identity of the Polly Haley listed in the 1822-1824 tax records of Halifax County.  Possible thoughts were that Polly was the widowed mother of Jesse Haley and/or of Sterling.  No records of this Polly's remarriage or estate records were found. Neighboring counties' need to be checked.
  • I'm still not sure who William Haley in the 1825 census record was.  There are many William Haleys that need to sorted to be able to make an accurate conclusion.
  • I was able to determine that Archibald Haley and Benjamin Haley are both possible candidates to be Jesse's father.

I am continuing to sort through all the information I gathered at the courthouse and compare it to that of my previous courthouse trip this past summer.  I am excited to have new directions to take my research and am hopeful these will produce results.

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