Saturday, December 4, 2010

Advent Calendar - Christmas Cards

I thought I would share some of the Christmas cards my ancestors sent. All three postcards were sent to my great grandmother Esther Lee Richardson. The card above was sent to her from her cousin Atwood Gosney. The postmark is not readable, however, it would does date prior to Christmas 1915.

The second card was sent to Esther by J. H. The sender may have been her husband-to-be Bossy Talbott. Bossy was born Johnnie Hodias Talbott. No one in the family is quite sure when he decided to change his name to Boss Henry.

This last postcard was sent to Esther in 1914and is simply signed "Your friend".


  1. What absolute treasures! And they are so pretty as well - how fun to have cards that your ancestors received so long ago.


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