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Amanuensis Monday Letter to Esther

I really like this blogging theme. As I look for letters to transcribe, my ancestors' own words tell their stories. Many of the letters and postcards that I share came to me all at once. While I read many of them during the early days of my research, I am now better able to put the people and places mentioned in context.

Today I am sharing another letter to Esther Richardson Talbott. She received it from her friend Nannie Lee Farson in December of 1916. Esther and Bossy Talbott had been married a little over a year and were living in Jeffress, VA.

Ringgold, VA
Dec. 12. 1916

My dear Esther:

This very night I am going to write to you. Guess you wondered what has become of me. I am still living. Hope you are well.

It has been the busiest Fall I ever saw. I believe the worse is over now.

Are you ready for Xmas? It is not very long off is it. There will be lot of marrying I recon around and about but "poor me" will be left out. I haven't even a beau don't I have bad luck or good luck one. I certainly would be glad to see you, also your husband. You all come up Xmas. Be glad to have you I would be the gladess to come to see you but it cost right smart I guess. You spoke of taking so many trips this summer, wish I could been with you. But dear me, we had so much company it didn't give us much chance to go looks like people we never have seen came. Didn't any of them stay long most of them were automobile folks I believe most every body nearly has a Ford we have not.

Mrs Yeaman, Bryan and Ora spent one night this summer with us, came on buggy. I never was so suprise. They asked lots about you it was a little while after I got your last letter. Ora wanted to read it but I never did get it for her. The next week after that Edna and Myrtle came on the train. They spent on night. We promised them we was coming to see them soon but haven't yet.

I went over to Chatham this Fall and stayed several days. Lucie went and stayed about 10 days.

Lucie and her beau will soon get off I think.

George got so many girls I don't know which he likes the best.

Listen- Big Nannie Wilson was aiming to marry today. It was announced in the paper to Mr Mose Abbott. I don't believe I will give up, yet any way.

Esther you ought to see us now, we have some good lights. Have two Aladdin mantle lamps. They give white lights. You know Mamma and Papa and the others are great readers.

Mamma has sold 14 1/2 doz of the eggs in the last two weeks 40 cents a doz. I think that did right well for her. George carried them to Danville for her. Carried 7 doz today. Papa made a good crop of corn.

They are most through selling tobacco, the last curring ready to carry off. We have ahd pretty weather all the fall to do such work.

How is Mrs. Richardson and the children getting on. Looks like we never will see any of you all any more. Tell Katie she must send us a card and let us hear from them all.

Mamma says tell you she would be glad to see you and your mother and the others also.

Janie's family have moved up to Mr. Will Lewis. Miss Fannie and Mable Lewis come down realy often.

Say, it will be a Xmas tree at Church Xmas Day at 12 o'clock. We have preaching over there now on the third Sat and Sun. It don't look right not to be on the second Sun.

T Ryland Sandford from Chatham is our preacher. He also preachers at Kentuck Sec and Fourth Sundays. So we hear him at both places.

Mrs John McCormick was buried on the 4th of this month. Mr Will Blankership's family have moved in the neighborhood up where Andrew B lived.

Say, every body thinks Howard Roberts will marry. He is going with a Grass widow and Bryant going with her daughter ha, ha. They live where Will B moved from. I am giving all the news. But think I will have to stop for to night.

You be sure to answer soon and five me all the news from down there. Excuse bad writing, answer real soon. For I would love to heard from you. With much love, I remain as ever

A true friend
Nannie Lee F.

Eshter, I do lots of chrocheting. Lucie says she certainly do want to see you. Write soon

This is a great letter from an historian's point of view. Nannie mentions many events, people and places in her letter. If any readers are researching in the Ringgold area of Pittsylvania County, VA, you may find clues to your ancestry here as well. Some of the people Nannie mentions I know the identity, but others I do not. For those I know, I'll list them below:

*Esther's husband was Boss Henry (Bossy) Talbott. (He was born Johnnie Hodias Talbott.)
*The Yeaman family mentioned were neighbors of Nannie Lee Farson's family.
*Mrs Yeaman is Eliza Ann Richardson, sister of Daniel T. Richardson and aunt to Esther.
*Bryan and Ora are two of Eliza Richardson Yeaman's children and cousins to Esther.
*Edna and Mrytle are two more children of Eliza Yeaman's and cousins to Esther.
*Lucie and George likely were Nannie's siblings.
*Mrs. Richardson was Esther's mother Harriet Elliott Richardson.
*Katie was Esther's younger sister.

The other names mentioned were neighbors living in the Ringgold area. Unfortunately, I have no further information on them.


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