Thursday, June 10, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday Toddler's Jumper

This little toddler's outfit was worn by Garnet Talbott, son of Bossy and Esther Lee Talbott. The outfit is not in the best of conditions, but my great-grandmother's sewing skills are still clearly evident. Below you can see the detail of the stitching and the button holes.

Garnet R Talbott was the fourth child born to Bossy and Esther. He was born on 28 Jul 1922 and died 13 Feb 1924 during of influenza. It is nice to have something from his short life.


  1. What a sweet little outfit! I would love to have something hand made by my great grandmother!

  2. It is amazing that somebody thought to save this little outfit. An unusual color and a delight to see. Thank you.


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