Monday, June 7, 2010

Haley Marriage Records of Halifax County, VA

I recently spent a happy couple of hours in the library reading microfilm. Specifically, I was reading marriage registration records for Halifax County, VA in the 1700's and 1800's. I was quite successful in my search and I think I did manage not to make a spectacle of myself doing the "happy dance". (Maybe that's why they hide the microfilm reader in the back corner.) I was primarily researching the Haley family, but while there I came across ancestors from 3 other lines--not all on the same side of the family. Insert more happy dancing here!

Here is what I learned about my Haley family in the records:

*Just a ancestal line is: Winnie Haley (Carr)>William H (AKA George W) Haley> Stephen C (Case or Kas) Haley>Jesse Haley.

*I gained further confirmation that Stephen C (Case) Haley's parents were Jesse and Temperance Haley. Stephen and his bride Mary Anne Tribble were both born in Halifax County, VA and were 22 years old at the time of their marriage in 1860. Stephen C was listed as a farmer.

*I discovered the marriage record for Stephen C's (Case) brother Alex R Haley to Martha Guthrey 21 Aug 1856. (Cousins, this would have been Grandpa Haley's uncle.)

*Further back I found the record for the marriage of Jesse Haley and Temperance Owen on 14 Dec 1826. During this time period, the parents of the bride and groom were not listed, however Temperance's father Bracket Owen is listed as a "Signer of Certificate". (Jesse and Temperance would be my great x 4 grandparents. Bracket Owen would be my great x 5 grandfather!)

*I also found a record for a J J Haley who married Nannie Fisher in 1901. His father is listed as S. C. and no mother listed. I believe this may have been William H Haley's(aka George William) younger brother John.

*I found numerous other Haley grooms that I have not been able to determine their relationships to each other. I have some ideas about some possible relationships, but not anything I want to commit to writing as of yet. These grooms include Wyatt Haley (m. 1791), Royal Hailey (m. 1812), Lovelace Haley (m. 1800), Archibald Haley (m. 1796), Theophilus Haley (m. 1803), Samuel Haley (m. 1807), and John Haley (m. 1816). If there are any Haley cousins or researchers out there who recognize any of these men, I'd love to hear from you.

That's a lot of Haleys and a lot of marriages. I'm looking forward to sorting them out.


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Sounds like you've made great progress on your family tree!

    I recognized a couple of your Haley marriages.
    Haleys married two of my direct ancestor's siblings in Virginia.

    Two of Lewis Haley's children married into my Ford family. They were Nancy and Rebecca Haley born circa 1777 and 1778 in VA. Granddaughters of the Ambrose Haley (1716-1802 VA) who married Temperance.

    The marriage I recognize is Nancy and Rebecca's brother, Lovelace Haley who married Rachel Lampkin in 1800, Halifax Co VA. Nancy and Rebecca also had brother, Samuel Haley who married 1807 Halifax to Mary "Polly" Griffin.

    Archibald Haley born 1765 might be the one you see in Halifax Marriages..he was son of Thomas and Susannah Haley.

    Best to you
    Debbie Wood

  2. My great grandmother was Mary T Hailey or Haley sometimes. She was a widow with a daughter, Betty, when she married my great grandfather,Logan Brooks Long. The marriage license lists Royall Haley and Martha Haley as her parents. Are we related?


  3. Aileen,
    I have not been able to connect "my Haleys" with Royall Haley, yet. I do think they are connected in some way, but I have not been able to make the connection. I continue to look for Jesse Haley's parents and hope to find them. Once I do, I think I will be able to determine where (or if) the other Haleys in Halifax County fit in the family tree.


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