Friday, May 28, 2010

Marriage Certificate for J A White and Stella Holyfield

Bob Carter kindly sent me a copy of my great-grandparents marriage certificate this week. Bob researches Surry County, NC families. His Surry County Cousins website is here. Thanks, Bob!

It states that J A (James Abe) White , age 21, of Surry County, NC and Estella Holyfield, age 18, of Surry County, NC were married 6 Jul 1913 at the home of A D Marion in Eldora Township, Surry County, NC. I discovered that my great-grandmother's name was Estella and not just Stella. (I think that will surprise a few cousins.) Genealogically speaking, I've learned a very good lesson this week. Even when you know the family members and their dates, read the original documents. There just might be one more piece of information to learn.

I was fortunate to know my great-grandmother White when I was young. When we visited my grandparents and she was there also, she and I shared a bedroom. I was always fascinated by her long hair. I used to watch her brush it and braid it. She would then wrap the braid around her head -- all without looking in the mirror. Funny, the things a child will remember.

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