Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday -- Sarah and Grisham Thomas

With only a few minutes to spare on a recent cemetery research trip, I found this marker for Sarah (1788-1856) and Grisham (1783-1858) Thomas in Broadway, NC. Sarah and Grisham are believed to be the great-grandparents of my great x2 grandmother Emma Thomas. I use the term "believed to be" because this relationship has yet to be confirmed.
On the back of the tombstone, are listed the "issue" of Sarah and Grisham. (Now I must confess that I had been told by another researcher that this marker was in this cemetery.) What I found interesting was the newness of this marker. Next to this marker are several very old, weather worn markers that are no longer readable. Perhaps they are the original markers for the family.At some point, Thomas ancestors erected this new marker so Sarah and Grisham would not be lost to future generations.

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