Monday, August 31, 2009

Calling All White Family Researchers

I am embarking in earnest on researching my White family genealogy. My White family is from Surry County, NC and appears to be there back into the early 1800's. Thomas Jefferson White (1851-1922) was my great-great grandfather and Joseph Pearson White (~1802- ~1881) was my great x3 grandfather. So, if anyone out there is also researching this White family (or just has some information), I'd love to hear from you.

As I've begun research on this family, I've discovered the Wilmoth family of Surry County figures into the White family lines as well. Joanna Wilmoth Lyons White (wife of Thomas J. White) and her mother Joanna Barrett (wife of William Richard Wilmoth) have both piqued my interest. Joanna Barrett is said to have been born in Ireland and immigrated to America probably as a young women. So, when did she actually immigrate? What port did she enter? How or why did she end up in Surry County, NC? All questions I hope to answer.

I'm excited to research the White family. I'm also a little intimidated. White was and still is a very common surname. Keeping the lines straight could prove challenging. Researching the women of the family will prove interesting as well. This will be my first experience researching immigration and naturalization records.

Wish me luck!

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